Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Have you ever felt small and insignificant?  If so, what pictures/memories does it bring to mind?  Have you ever been completely overwhelmed with what is going on around you? 

We have journeyed to places where landscapes are gigantic and sights are overwhelming.  It does no good to take pictures, because these pictures are not worth a thousand words……words are inadequate for what we are experiencing and seeing. Photos cannot express the moment in time or the vastness of the scene.   Photos in this landscape are like showing someone a single grain of sand when you are trying to describe a beach.

Every curve in the road brings incredible, jaw-dropping sights.  Stark mountains stretching for miles and reaching to the sky shrouded by feathery clouds.  Vast glaciers, their many colors of cobalt and turquoise blue changing as the ice grinds inevitably back and forth across immense valleys carved from bedrock.  Uncountable waterfalls cascading hundreds, sometimes thousands, of feet down steep, sheer cliffs and narrow gorges.  Rivers, chocolate-colored with runoff or sandy blue with glacial melt, roaring and boiling through deep, narrow canyons carving downward through the rocks as they have for centuries.  Wildlife as free and majestic as it is meant to be.  We peer from our vehicle “cages” into brief moments of their lives as they ponder the strange creatures visiting their homes and, with great dignity, turn away.

We feel a power greater than ourselves in this world as we wander through these amazing lands.  Each day, each hour, we are humbled.

The picture is of Bear Glacier on the way to Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska.   We are now in the Yukon.  Posted from Whitehorse, Yukon.

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  1. I love the photo in this post. When presented with titanic, overwhelming natural beauty, I immediately try to figure out how it works, to find and make sense of the patterns. In your pic of Bear Glacier, you can see how the ice just flows down into the lake, a stream frozen in time.